About Us

INTERACTIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED (IFSL) is specialized retail financing organization engaged in financial services since 1994, registered with Reserve Bank of India as an NBFC.

We offer loans and Financial Services for Home Loans, Personal/Commercial Vehicle Loans, Agriculture Loans and MSME Loans to satisfy their varied needs.

With a focus on the vast lower income and middle income groups of the society, spread across urban, semi urban and rural areas, including formal and informal sector; we continue to strive in nurturing the dreams and help making them a reality. Not only we provide the finance, we help them build business by providing IT and software related services in a very cost-effective way.

Out of over two decades of our existence as a Non-Banking Financial Corporation, during the last decade we have also been diversifying in business process outsourcing, b2b research, software development, knowledge management, financial instrument processing. We employ highly qualified professional workforce that currently serve India, US and European market.

Given our unique business model, vision, vast experience, our focus has always been in building long term relationships with our clients and strategic alliances.


To be one of the most efficient distributor of Financial, Business and IT related services to create value on a very large scale.


To continuously strive to attain excellence in creating a very wide distribution of Financial, Business and IT related services and to be catalyst in creating a wealthy society by helping individuals and businesses meet their personal and professional goals.