ABOUT Interactive Financial Services Limited (IFSL)

About Interactive Financial Services Limited (IFSL)

Interactive Financial Services Limited (IFSL) is an enterprise IT solutions provider, serving customers globally with its excellence in software engineering, cloud computing, mobile and wearables, and AI powered analytics. We enable our clients to leverage IFSL’s partnership as a strategic business advantage and deliver winning products and value-added services that are innovative, disruptive, and game-changers. We enable enterprises to unlock their potential and take the digital leap.

The company is listed on India’s largest stock exchange BSE India [Code: IFINSERV] and works through integrated delivery management guided by best practices from ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.

We prefer specializing in verticals, such as, healthcare, yet have been expanding our operations through horizontal outreach as well. Our commitment to delight our customers and work through long-term partnerships has enabled us to deliver the best in-class and cost effective solutions to our clients.

We take pride in being associated with the US based customers whom we have helped with widest possible bandwidth of our solutions and services involving Microsoft technologies, AWS cloud, Google glass, Androidware and iOS, and wide spectrum of AI based reporting and analytics.

Enabling disruptive innovations and game-changers through information technologies.

It is our mission to enable our clients to leverage IFSL’s partnership for IT innovations and offering value-added services as strategic competitive advantages in the market segments they serve. We make this happen by following basics of business ethics and long-term partnerships, global deliveries through strict adherence to mature process models, and agile and adaptive delivery methodologies that focus on staying accountable and responsive to our own people, investors and clients.